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About Us

Standard Cocoa was inspired by a love and appreciation for craft chocolate. Our mission is to connect chocolate lovers with people who love to make chocolate.

How it Works

Every month we feature a select craft chocolate maker. We share their story and inspiration, and then

we curate 4 unique bars of chocolate and send them to our subscribers. Sounds pretty sweet, right?

Craft Chocolate

What is craft chocolate? Great question! It’s a special type of chocolate where the chocolate makers personally source the cocoa from local farms all over the world. They roast the cocoa and hand process the chocolate in micro batches. The final product is called bean-to-bar chocolate. Its rich flavor profile is indicative of a superior quality. What would you expect when the chocolate is made by hand and not machines?

Bean-to-bar chocolate not only tastes great, but also has many positive implications on society.

The personal relationships the chocolate makers develop with the cocoa farmers enable fair wages and labor, as well as education and training. These relationships promote sustainable and organic farming techniques.

Standard Cocoa- Monthly Craft Chocolate Subscription

Who We Are

We’re Jordana and Bernard. We fell in love with chocolate a long time ago and continue to seek out the best stuff out there. We're motivated by our desire to share the tastiest craft chocolate with people, as well as the story behind how each bar comes to life.

We both have a mix of backgrounds that help us along this venture. Jordana has experience in the chocolate industry and in new product development, while Bernard has a background in both business development and e-commerce. Together, we're making our dreams come true by connecting chocolate lovers with people who love to make chocolate.


Tools We Use

We had the pleasure of being featured in The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry.  

Standard Cocoa- Monthly Craft Chocolate Subscription
Standard Cocoa- Monthly Craft Chocolate Subscription
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